After a 60-year-old still wearing high heels, then adhere to the movement is the key -cheap christian louboutin shoes

Posted:30 January, 2015

However, experts pointed out that wearing high heels cheap christian louboutin shoes as long as you can pay attention to methods of harm reduction. First, not more than 5 cm heel; second, do not wear high heels Rush Run; the third, walking heel to consciously move backwards to protect the toes; in addition often do stretching exercises can relieve side effects, such as tiptoe.
After a 60-year-old also want to wear high heels, then adhere to exercise is the key. Games to maintain muscle strength, helps to maintain ankle stability and reduce the risk of falls. But Volcker also warns that "if you've never worn high heels or very poor sense of balance, or do not choose high heels because your overall muscle strength and joint stability is very low, which makes you vulnerable."

Yao Chen wore a blue skirt ride high heels and elegant appearance live award -cheap christian louboutin

Posted:29 January, 2015

The day is busy recording the variety show "dreamer" Yao Chen wore a blue skirt ride high heels cheap christian louboutin and elegant appearance to receive the awards, Ambassador of Poland in China from the hands of Mr. Tadeusz Chomicki received a certificate, she also called for "hope that more people to understand and to join such public projects among the ranks, to make public the truly become a trend of the times. "

The former made the best high heels- discount christian louboutin shoes

Posted:28 January, 2015

Need predecessor made discount christian louboutin shoes? This is probably the only designer to think of those ideas!
Say goodbye to old love, you usually use what ever way to commemorate the memory of? Writers and artists who love the old love to stay in the works, had become their inspiration, chic hidden behind a paragraph or sad or dumbfounding love story. Today High sister to take you to see the designer Sebastian Errazuriz is the story of how he and his ex-girlfriend's twelve best to make high heels.

Surprise! Wrestling elderly can reduce the number of high-heeled shoes -discount christian louboutin

Posted:27 January, 2015

We all feel that the old man to a certain age it is best not to wear high heels discount christian louboutin to avoid wrestling, the best to wear flat shoes for the elderly. However, experts have pointed out, the old man wearing high heels can maintain body balance, reducing the number of wrestling. Elderly generally due to unbalanced and fall, causing serious consequences. According to foreign media reports, the experts suggested that older people wearing high heels can help keep the body balanced, reducing the number of wrestling.
With age, the exchange and transfer of human muscle and motor cortex (the part of the cerebral cortex that controls muscle) between the less and less, the brain can not effectively control the foot muscles.

You know that wonderful high heels also bears the legend it-cheap christian louboutin shoes

Posted:27 January, 2015

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A 15th-century Venetian merchant who had a beautiful and charming wives, traders often have to go out to do business, but also worried that his wife would go out romantic, very distressed. On a rainy day, he was walking in the streets, heel stick a lot of mud, and thus become difficult. Businessman was inspired to make a pair of high heel shoes. Since Venice is the seat of Watertown, boats are the main means of transport, the merchant can not believe his wife to wear high heels cheap christian louboutin shoes to walk on the springboard, so that you can put her trapped in the house.