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Posted:31 October, 2014

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In fact, every girl's closet, there will be a pair of black high heels discount christian louboutin shoes, perhaps just entering the workplace, when you feel it is your essential goods, and now it, perhaps you've pressed the bottom of it, to look up to the people how to black high heels to Dachu Features.

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Posted:30 October, 2014

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With the demonstration: motorcycle jacket + animal print T shirt + black pants feet + black boots discount christian louboutin + black shoulder bag + sunglasses

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Posted:29 October, 2014

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Black shirt with gray trousers and thick with open-toed high heels cheap christian louboutin shoes, handsome.

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Posted:28 October, 2014

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Carina wearing a black V-neck sleeveless dresses
Carina wearing a black V-neck sleeveless dresses, with a Fendi fur shawl, foot diamond high heels cheap christian louboutin, Shuadian charade divided perfect proportion, good figure silhouetted against the tall, elegant, highlighting the powerful aura.

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Posted:27 October, 2014

Autumn with clothes the most attention is the skill of the ~ so many clothes ride together how it will look good and chic?
Panasonic tight dressing method can effectively cover the waist fat, can also be reached from the visual effect of thin lower body.
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With points: blue wool pullover grain + black tights + black lazy shoes discount christian louboutin shoes + black fedora + black chain bag