Teach you to wear high heels ladies Olivia - discount christian louboutin shoes

Posted:25 November, 2014

In recent years, a popular fashion in New York socialite Olivia Palermo, with a unique fashion sense and sweet temperament aristocratic circles popular in fashion circles, she was particularly good mix and match different styles of clothes, always bring parity with a single product just right. Olivia Palermo height 162 cm how to wear Dachu supermodel figure like a good proportion of it? Rely on high heels discount christian louboutin shoes.

With the division! Snow feminine heels also photographed under zero - discount christian louboutin

Posted:24 November, 2014

Even if the wind whistling call it does not take me to wear high heels discount christian louboutin heart
Under the winter snow, a long coat draped over his body freely, with a neutral suit pants waist, this simple mix plus a pair of pointed heels simply dazzling finishing touch, the woman neutral pants with high heels faint taste of the show, completely fearless snow.
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Christian louboutin2015 US shoe release the spring and summer, you have a new dynamic modeling heart -cheap christian louboutin shoes

Posted:22 November, 2014

Christian louboutin2015 US shoe release the spring and summer, you have a new dynamic modeling heart
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With these few quarters continued popularity of dynamic style, the brand has put a lot of different colors. A lot of color stitching for each single product to add more fun, in addition to simple design more emphasis on the selection and details. In which ordinary black wedge heel heel cheap christian louboutin shoes shoe fit almost hollow, with unprecedented innovation styling.

High heels make you warm in the winter warm - cheap christian louboutin

Posted:21 November, 2014

Cold winter, let us see what shoes "visual warm"

Givenchy Black Leather Wedge Boots cheap christian louboutin
Price: 8,890CNY
Technology Features: Leather + "shark lock" style

Pointed heels won countless fans - discount christian louboutin shoes

Posted:20 November, 2014

High-heeled pointed discount christian louboutin shoes

A pedal to put away the convenience makes this footwear also won many fans.

Modeling scheme: Keep footwear and apparel pattern of sophistication combined ratio; in footwear materials simple premise, layering combinations of clothing material you need to be strengthened; the case where the contour of the body are considered basic models, the color of To hit a bold attempt.