Daren essential winter fashion fur boots -cheap christian louboutin shoes

Posted:24 October, 2014

Plush snow boots

Love snow boots children's cheap christian louboutin shoes can also find the "add a fur coat," snow boots, gorgeous thick fur is addictive sense, the use of selected real rabbit fur to create a sense of weight, so bohemian style boots gorgeous texture improvement, whether it is to catch the pants or skirt are compelling coupled with a sense of luxury like Chuanban is a gorgeous lovely princess.

Olivia Palermo wearing their own designs in collaboration with Aquazzura Kam snakeskin high-heeled sandals -cheap christian louboutin

Posted:23 October, 2014

2014, fashion icon Olivia Palermo to join the famous Italian footwear brand Aquazzura to design, launch six models Aquazzura x Olivia Palermo series shoes. With Palermo's own words is the "aesthetic design Aquazzura meets my personal aesthetic, and friends Edgardo (Aquazzura brand founder and creative director) cooperation is a pleasure." The Kam snakeskin heeled sandals cheap christian louboutin with a curved hollowed design, leather is soft, comfortable fit; black lace looks sexy and dignified.

Name of a woman with the name of the shoe romance fame and fortune - discount christian louboutin shoes

Posted:22 October, 2014

Each star has its own favorite footwear discount christian louboutin shoes brand, of course, love each brand has its own celebrity. Before Madonna explicit expression "Manolo Blahnik shoes also stick than sex", after Christian Louboutin praising Princess Kate "wear my shoes photographic design very beautiful." The relationship between the name of the woman with the name of the shoe or the romance or the fame and fortune of the story begins.

Ladies love it freak autumn wear clothing colored leather open-toed high heels -discount christian louboutin

Posted:21 October, 2014

Fall must sternly feet wrapped? Fall is a look at how the supermodel who choose shoes discount christian louboutin, a pair of textured leather open-toed high heels is a great choice, leather shoes can wear cool feeling, for autumn is easy to do, while still allowing the MM Toe You can extend the cool feeling of summer, why not?
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Selection of healthy heels! - cheap christian louboutin shoes

Posted:20 October, 2014

High heels

Not good with or without

Since high heels cheap christian louboutin shoes bad for your health, that flat shoes are not the best? Definitely not. Yoon, MD, told reporters, too flat flat shoes, right arch pressure. There is a curvature of the foot, the arch has an important role is buffered. When peace is too thin shoes, feet in direct contact with the ground, the arch lost its cushioning effect, under the weight of the metatarsal also likely to cause inflammation, causing the foot swelling, difficulty walking. Meanwhile, flat shoes can lead to the gravity line shift, people want to balance himself subconsciously flexion, easy to bend, hump, but also body health.