7cm heels [] with a high waist trousers turned "big legs"-cheap christian louboutin

Posted:27 March, 2015

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Although just under 10cm heels cheap christian louboutin of 3cm, but it is still a lot of height difference, in order to transform big legs, waist pants is definitely your secret weapon, wide leg here, do not, do not flare, tapered leg volume pants very ok.

The color purple heels aesthetic dream -discount christian louboutin shoes

Posted:25 March, 2015

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The color purple heels discount christian louboutin shoes aesthetic dream, pointed side air design is now the most popular, wear sexy and feminine, very suitable for work OL who wear discount christian louboutin shoes stiletto design definitely makes you sashay.

How to make your high heels spring shine- discount christian louboutin

Posted:24 March, 2015

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A blue denim shirt with the word printed skirt, with just one pair of high-heeled shoes discount christian louboutin are a perfect match, giving an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Windbreaker jacket with skirt and high heels, show charming temperament and style-cheap christian louboutin shoes

Posted:23 March, 2015

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Light pink windbreaker jacket, did not use the traditional button design, looking more relaxed, very three-dimensional sense lapel design embodies clever cut, belt wear very significant waist line up with dresses and high heels cheap christian louboutin shoes, show charming temperament and style.

Elegance of patent leather high heels-cheap christian louboutin

Posted:21 March, 2015

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~ Super beautiful super cents a Korean version of the shoes - classic elegance wild black patent leather ~ ~ ~ perfect sexy little tip design, square buckle 7 cm high-heeled shoes cheap christian louboutin, like a woman's most beautiful and delicate mind, like the shoe better for MM are beautiful and elegant Tim points ~~